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Cigar Finder - The App

Cigar Finder is the First and Only App Designed for Cigar Enthusiasts to Locate Shops, Lounges, Bars, and Restaurants Nationwide.

Developed in 2010, Cigar Finder enables cigar enthusiasts to quickly and easily locate nearby bars, lounges, restaurants, and shops specifically dedicated to cigar culture - nationwide.

With Cigar Finder, you can:

  • Access thousands of cigar shops, lounges, bars, and restaurants nationwide
  • Search based on name, address, or regional radius
  • View maps, access directions, or dial out directly from the app
  • Invite friends to meet and share location and business details directly from the app

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Why Users Love Our App

Founded by Connoisseurs

Cigar Finder was founded in the heart of the speakeasy culture – New York City. Our vision is to offer a mobile platform that enables cigar enthusiasts to quickly and easily locate vendors and venues nationwide.

Locate on the Go

Easily find Cigar rooms, restaurants, bars, and lounges to fit your current mood and particular style plus connect anytime anywhere.

Use Cigar Finder to Ignite Your Passion

Our platform is available as an instant download for smartphones and tablets.